3D planning of sheet metal products provides a competitive edge

The future manufacturing costs of sheet metal products are determined already at the product planning stage. Competent design will directly reduce the customer’s product costs. Brione uses Creo 3D design software for the design of sheet metal components, assemblies and ready-made sheet metal products. Combined with our modern, efficient machines, our design expertise guarantees the best results. Just an outline of your idea is enough. We will take care of the rest!

Our designers will select the optimal materials, manufacturing methods and machines for your products together with you. When cutting the blank, we will choose between a punch press and a fibre laser. We will use an automated panel bender or a press brake machine for edging, and in the case of assembly, we will consider what is the best joining technique for the product. We will make all of these choices based on your prioritisation. In many cases, the starting point for the design of a product is making the solution as functional and cost-effective as possible.

Sheet metal product from 3D model directly to serial production

In many cases, our customer is an integral part of the product development project through product specifications, and their requirements guide the development of the product to the correct direction. A 3D model that can be turned around on a screen is easy to perceive both technically and visually, and this will assist us in seeing the product as a whole and its details in the same way. Simpler products will proceed directly to productization after the 3D model review without any prototype round. However, more demanding sheet metal components and assemblies are tested by building a prototype before the start of serial production.

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