Cost-effective assembly of sheet metal products ready for sale

Assembly is an important part of the manufacturing process of sheet metal products. The final product will only function excellently if the sheet metal components go seamlessly together. Our varied joining techniques allow us to manufacture ready-made units that we can also deliver directly to the end users. We consider the special characteristics of sheet metal components already during the manufacture of the products. Exact product instructions and designs allow us to realise even demanding assembly in a high-quality manner.

Comprehensive sheet metal product management from design to assembly and delivery

We will assist you in finding the best solutions also for the assembly, material selection, packaging material selection and logistics management of sheet metal products. The design and manufacture of products into complete units that are ready to be sold offers versatile opportunities to plan functional and affordable logistics solutions. In addition, we can deliver the products directly to the end customers.

As a contract manufacturer, our product management covers the entire supply chain from the design of sheet metal components to delivery:

  • Design
  • Material management
  • Manufacture
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Logistics and delivery

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