Automated panel bender as the cornerstone of contract manufacture

Automated panel bender Salvagnini P4Lean

Our automated panel bender can quickly and accurately process even the most delicate sheet metal components. The number of sheet metal components of different types is high in contract manufacture, but the automatic tool changer of the automated panel bender combined with the angle measurement feature makes varied high-class sheet metal production easy.

Compared to a regular press brake machine, the automated panel bender does not leave any bending marks and can also handle difficult, accurate shapes. Small and medium-sized series from aluminium, steel, stainless steel and painted sheet metal components can be executed to perfection.

In addition, the sheet metal component can be detached after bending with the automated panel bender’s integrated BendCut cutter. BendCut multiplies the efficiency of sheet metal processing. The automated panel bender with the BendCut feature is excellent for thin sheet metal battens of a challenging shape.

Please note: Combined with the L5 fibre laser and the flexible FlexCell production cell, the automated P4lean panel bender ensures an efficient manufacturing process from start to finish even in the case of very small bended sheet metal production batches. Read more!

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