Industrial contract manufacturer – sheet metal and metal structures

Established in 1999, Brione Oy is located in Porvoo, southern Finland, along excellent transport connections. Our modern machines are excellent for versatile sheet metal manufacturing. Brione’s most important asset are its 30 ironclad sheet metal experts who are always ready to help you. Our business is based on the development of open partnerships, as well as confidential, long-lasting customer relations.

Sheet metal components and metal structures from design to delivery

A versatile industrial contract manufacturer, Brione Oy specialises in the manufacture of sheet metal components and lightweight metal structures. You will receive all the services you need from under the same roof: product design, component manufacture, assembly, packaging and delivery.

We provide full service and high-quality products. Ask for more information!

Our customers include experts from a variety of industries:
  • Machine and device manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Real estate and construction firm partners
  • Companies selling heating and ventilation units
  • Metal component contract manufacturers
  • Experts in the packaging, construction and electrical industry
  • Filter industry companies
  • Companies selling industrial furniture and storage systems
  • Designers, architects and design houses searching for customised solutions


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