Flexible FlexCell production cell: fibre laser + automated panel bender + press brake machine = excellent competitiveness in the manufacture of sheet metal components

FlexCell combines the best features of an automated panel bender and a press brake machine in sheet metal production

When combined, the automated panel bender P4Lean and the B3 ATA press brake machine create a flexible FlexCell production cell for the bending of sheet metal components. The sheet metal cell combines the best features of an automated panel bender and a press brake machine. Brione has also integrated in the cell the extremely fast L5 fibre laser with automated bending. The sheet metal blanks are cut with the L5 fibre laser and directly moved to the cell for bending without any intermediate storage. That is why our sheet metal production is so uniquely flexible and efficient.

Dimensional accuracy is top-notch: with our production cell, we can manufacture our customers’ sheet metal components in one go without any separate test pieces.  The automated P4 panel bender and the B3 ATA press brake machine use active MAC angle correction in measuring the bend. The measuring and self-correcting unit ensures that the accuracy of the bends in all of the sheet metal components is just right, starting from the first piece.

The B3 ATA and the P4lean are equipped with an automatic tool changer. This eliminates the tool set-up time and clearly improves the sheet metal component lead time. In this case, the order in which products are processed does not influence the output, which leads to excellent competitiveness and profitability for our customers also in the manufacture of very small production batches. 

Processing programmes for all the machines in the FlexCell are remotely programmed from the office. The operator can focus only on production. OPS software combines an automated panel bender, a press brake machine and a fibre laser into one unit. OPS ensures that the tool settings for the machines in the next stage are correct and shows the progress of the work to the operator on a large display.

Superior benefits of the flexible FlexCell production cell in the manufacture of sheet metal components: 
  • Improved profitability
  • No need for separate set-up times for bending
  • Extremely fast piece-specific processing times
  • No need for separate test pieces
  • Flexible LEAN production plan
  • Short lead time and uninterrupted production 

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