LISSMAC grinding line – high-class finishing of sheet metal

LISSMAC grinding line SBM-L 1500 G1S2 Alumix

Our modern, efficient German grinding line LISSMAC enables versatile and cost-effective surface treatment of sheet metal products. The extremely short sheet metal grinding time guarantees excellent competitiveness for our customers. 

With LISSMAC, products can be ground on both sides, including the inner and outer edges, at one go without the need to flip the piece. This ensures extremely smooth high-quality grinding of all sheet metal components, regardless of the material.  The maximum grinding depth is 1,500 mm, and even large sheet metal components can be efficiently processed in one go.

Brione offers several adjustable grinding levels for different purposes: 

  • Level 1. Light anti-piercing grinding: normal light grinding to smoothen the sharp edges of sheet metal components
  • Level 2. Paint primer grinding: slight rounding of the edges and roughening of the surface to ensure that paint will stick better 
  • Level 3. Edge rounding: efficient grinding and finishing of the product’s edges, such as visible edge components where the shape of the edge is an essential part of the functionality of the product

With the LISSMAC grinding line, it is possible to grind sheet metal components made from the most commonly used materials, such as steel, aluminium and stainless materials. Ask for more information!  

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