Brione acquires a Salvagnini L5 fibre laser cell, an automated P4L-2520 panel bender and a LISSMAC grinding line

Brione will present at a trade fair Finland?s first OPS-FlexCell-Lean production cell consisting of a Salvagnini L5 fibre laser cell and an automated P4L-2520 panel bender with cutting option.

Actual production with the new machines will start in January 2019.

Salvagnini L5 fibre laser cell: most efficient fibre laser cutting in Finland with 5G acceleration and proactive material handling.
Automated OPS programming and smart production control guarantee delivery reliability.

Automated P4L-2520 panel bender: dimensionally accurate sheet steel components in one go flexibly, and competitive battens and profiles with BendCut.

The LISSMAC grinding line, SBM-L 1500 G1S2 Alumix, will be installed in September 2018.
LISSMAC SBM-L enables dry deburring of aluminium, steel and stainless steel.
LISSMAC SBM-L grinds and rounds off the edges of the sheet and the interior surfaces of holes up to 50 mm.


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